The Mission

A purpose and mission driven business; we will not rest until there is gender equality.

With improved maternity and paternity leave, things are thankfully beginning to move forward, but where it was once the ‘motherhood penalty’ it’s now becoming the ‘parenthood penalty’ – and this only risks losing all ground previously won.

When we talk about barriers to returning to work – and staying at work – we tend to talk about cost and logistics. One’s too high and the other’s too hard. Both assessments are correct. What we often neglect to address are the emotional barriers.


Only 21% *of women were able to return to work full time after having children. Returning to work at 4 days a week is a 20% pay cut. After their second child the trend was for it to be reduced further to just 3 days a week – a 40% pay cut.

The gender pay gap is no mystery.
*according to a survey of our Instagram followers

How Peace + Riot will be part of the solution

Peace + Riot addresses all three issues. Low cost, flexible and great for mental health. We will offer additional online and in real life to support parents with job re-entry, career transition, training and networking.

The Concept Childcare as a Service – CaaS

We’re a workspace with childcare on site and a community online and in person. What makes us different is that the children are with their parents, never separate; their play and gradual move to independence is supported by our staff all within sticky-handed reach of their parent. We’re about work life integration.

We’re for parents of all genders – we want parity of esteem in both their parenting and working worlds. We are the solution to the dwindling support network experienced by Millennials and Gen Zs with older parents unable to step in, or by people in towns far from home, all at accessible prices with flexibility built in. It’s like having your mother-in-law on tap, but without the judgement.

For Employers a low cost retainer to membership at Peace + Riot for their employees could have a positive impact on retention saving thousands on recruitment and short term hires. For individuals it’s the ideal approach to easing themselves back in to the office, with not just childcare but an entire support network and community built in.

Having the physical and mental space for two hours a week to think about myself and my return to work was transformational. And being in such a vibey adult space (albeit with lots of children!) surrounded by working parents made me believe that I could do it too
– Sarah

What our clients say about us.
Sophie S
Standard Member

Peace + Riot is great for my pandemic baby who had deep-rooted separation anxiety – a place where we can both hang out.

Heather B
Every Day, Any Day Member

I’m a performance artist who can’t afford childcare so until now all of my work has been done in nap times, after bedtime or in snatches of time.

Blake G
Every Day, Any Day Member

Working out of home never seemed to work with my children. Here they are entertained, happy and I am more productive.

Allan H
Every Day, Any Day Member

My family lives out of town. They would help if they could, but they can’t. Peace + Riot fills that childcare gap.

Russell W-P
Bespoke Membership

Being a member has meant I can combine my two favourite things of remote working and being a dad.

Peace and Riot, London’s Social Club with a difference

Peace + Riot Online

Our online course is unique. We’re here to parent the parent. It’s not coaching you on parenting. We’re here to help you navigate who you are and what you need to know now you’re a parent. Our crash course is practical, supportive and written just for you. This first iteration is just the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for future bolt on courses to make your experience even more personalised.

Get a taste of P+R from the comfort of your sofa
Or wherever you’ve found yourself slumped after a mega feed or nap fail.

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