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All Work, All Play. Why Hybrid Childcare Space Matters

You might be wondering how a space like ours works, what are the benefits to this approach as opposed to traditional childcare or be thinking ‘but how much work can I realistically get done?’ All fair, so here are 3 reasons as to why we exist, what we offer and why we think hybrid co-work and play spaces matter today.

  1. Having children is a pricey game
    You will not go a day without a news outlet or social media influencer highlighting the emotional, financial and logistical horrors associated with both working flexibility, having the career you deserve and finding the right childcare support.According to OECD data, the UK is the third most expensive country among its members for childcare. With only Switzerland and Slovakia having higher childcare costs than the UK.As far as I am concerned the writing is on the wall.89% of working parents said they would like to work more flexibly and yet 28.5% of mothers and 4.8% of fathers with a child aged 14 years and under had to reduce their working hours because of childcare reasons.

    And whilst I get that it our space might not be best suited to those parents who need to be working from a school or a hospital I believe there is a growing need for Hybrid spaces like ours to support all parents with some extra, ad hoc support to make the day that little bit less stressful.

    Whilst our model works best for those who work part-time, remotely or freelance there is a genuine place for all parents here, especially those who are crippled by the absorbent costs of traditional childcare.

    Look at it this way, until one child goes to school the average cost of childcare in the U.K for a part time place is £700 a month, and this rises for London living families. With our Every Day, Any Day membership you’ll pay £150 a month – meaning you can work from here up to 3.5hrs a day, fitting in half a day’s work followed by lunch together with your child or swing by and use the space as you would an After School Club and heading home with everyone tuckered out and fed making our membership at Peace + Riot, at nearly a fifth of the cost, well worth the investment.

  2. We need more progress please
    Over the last five years flexible working and gender equality and pay has been publicly challenged and history is being made with campaigns like #FlexAppeal being finally being embraced by government. Amazing steps forward, but when it comes to working parents being able to get the day job done there is still so much lacking in infrastructure and access to suitable childcare provision here in the U.K.By trying alternative childcare models and proving the effect on family well-being, employee job satisfaction and productivity we stand a chance to present a case study whereby businesses see that with the right services behind them that work-life integration over work life balance is not only achievable but beneficial to the economy and young families.
  3. We can all seize the day.
    As a parent I experienced a loss of self identity, going from being the main breadwinner to having to reduce my work hours because simply put: the maths sucked. This is something I hear a lot while I meet parents. I am a realist and I understand that being all things to all people is not possible, however our space does offer the option for parents to keep a bit of their pre-children selves alive, if that is working great, if it is catching up with a friend even better but the key is that it is important for parents to hold onto their identity with the advantage of also being able to remain present for their children.We offer an indoor and outdoor play space, generous tables to work or socialise and a kitchen offering healthy snacks and meals and with a gentle approach to childcare. Children are with their parents, never separate; our Peacekeepers oversee their play and gradual move to independence. Work will definitely be achieved but account for nappy changing and mealtimes still being your domain (though someone else has at least made it for you!). And, your time may well be interspersed with interacting and seeing your child’s latest creations but our Peacekeepers do have your back and will encourage group or individual play so you can seize the day.The more you use the space, the more children feel like it’s their space; their confidence soars and you’re left to just get on. Our regular members turn up, get their favourite coffee delivered on cue and their children disappear off to find their favourite toy or Peace Keeper. Not bad, really.

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