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Time Well Spent This Mothers’ Day

Close your eyes and think back to a time BC (before children), it’s hard but you’ll get there.

I remember lazy mornings, taking long baths, listening to my favourite albums and then just ‘popping out’ to meet friends for brunch which would almost always slip into lunch and then drinks, I’d then reconvene on the sofa the following morning and pretty much do very little, which at the time still felt like it was a lot.

Three, two, one…..And now you’re back in the room.

If I could only tell my pre-child self how lucky I was that time well spent meant having no purpose, my pre-child self would have rolled her eyes at me, and rightly so; you don’t know til you know and that’s how it should be. Obviously I am delighted with my lot now, and I am sure you are too* but as Mothers’ Day is fast approaching I’ve come up with 3 things ‘mothers and others’ could casually weave into conversations to ensure ‘time well spent’ this Mothers’ Day feels more BC.

  1. Arrange a morning daddy or carer play date
    Get ahead of the game and give yourself a few hours rest on Mothers’ Day, give yourself the gift of peace + quiet.Ask local friends if their husbands, partners, mates want to get together with the children and have a morning playing in the park, meanwhile you’re free to get some zeds, have a soak, read or exercise. Whatever you do, leave the washing alone!
  2. Book brunch, lunch or dinner for all the family at Peace + Riot, Why?
    1. You’ll have childcare on tap to keep your children entertained whilst you take it back to the old days and hang out with friends.
    2. Your kids will get to meet other children and have fun -hopefully in some actual sunshine
    3. They’ll get to play with toys wch aren’t their own, and we all know that seems to go down well
    4. Oh, and we also serve delicious healthy food and drinks so you can feel like a champion knowing they are getting their five a day in
  3. Swap the annual bath bomb for a joy bomb this year
    Before making the annual pilgrimage to replenish a signature nail polish, scent or sugary hit – consider this gift a little down time this year in the form of a Peace + Riot membership. For a few hours a week, mums can head to a place where someone else has done the meal planning, the shopping, the cooking, the washing up – and someone else is entertaining the children making space in the day to catch up on life admin, meet friends, or work. If you feel like it’s time to unleash the joy bomb that is Peace + Riot This Mothers’ Day visit www.peaceandriot.co/become-a-member/ where you will receive 20% off a Peace & Riot Memberships until the end of April 2022.

*This is the almost legally required disclaimer done.

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