Our Story

Being a parent is an enormous privilege, and we’re so lucky when we get the chance to watch our kids grow and become the amazing people we know they’ll be.

That’s the disclaimer done.

It also SUCKS.

When you have kids, the places you used to go to all the time, don’t want you anymore, and where they do want you, you’d rather not set foot in. This all matters more than we give it credence. Parenthood is not just a change in circumstances, it is a change in self-perception – and not always for the better. Identity matters.

On top of all this identity change, we then have the logistical and emotional challenges of returning, or not returning, to our former working life. Suddenly we might run our own business, become a freelancer, have to negotiate flexible hours – or condensed hours. Either way – it’s a lot.

Families are increasingly further apart and many parents do not necessarily have the back-up of grandparents around the corner. Where can people turn to for affordable ad hoc childcare support? Or just for advice to negotiate the huge and rapid changes occurring in the workplace? There’s no one-stop shop.

Peace + Riot is a kitchen, bar and workspace with childcare on site. Our ‘Peace Keepers’ work just like home-helps would – except (finally!), you’re not at home; BONUS. Someone else has done the meal planning, the shopping, the cooking, the washing up – and someone else is keeping your kids entertained or after school tutors are even on hand to help with their homework, whilst you can just catch up with life admin, that email you were trying to finish before legging it to pick up, or perhaps chat with your friend or partner who you’ve not managed a full conversation with in the presence of your children since 2019 or 2018. Best not to dwell on that…!

When you become a member of Peace + Riot you will be able to plan and plot how to make the most of all we offer and to use the space in a way which helps you the most. On top of free visits, you get discounts on food and drinks with partner brands and profiles on our members’ platform.

That’s the micro needs taken care of. We also take care of the macro.
Your membership gives you access to coaching and training events, as part of our of ‘Peace Talks’ series, to give you the tools and confidence to stay on track or change direction completely. As a member, you’ll be able to influence the series to help you to get the most out of it. Membership will give you access to a Member’s Portal where you will be able to network with your peers to create your own support network.

Last but not least, Peace+ Riot is a fantastic place to come for delicious food and a mature curated wine list, as well as our carefully crafted house beer and gin.

We’re like those places you used to go to; the difference is you’re still made to feel welcome.

I can’t wait for you to join us!

Caroline x