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Planet Parent: Four steps to nailing the post-baby juggle

So, you’ve had a baby – now what? When you first become a parent, you can’t move for advice from friends, professionals and well-meaning in-laws when it comes to pregnancy, birth and the immediate, very messy, aftermath. 

But the bit after that… well, while there are a LOT of opinions, there isn’t really a manual. And nor should there be – after all, everyone’s journey is different. But whether you’re a household of two working parents, a working and an at-home parent, a single parent and every other possible combination of care-givers, your life will have changed beyond recognition, and that can be VERY hard to deal with.  

Who do you turn to for support? What are your rights when it comes to work? How on earth do you afford childcare? Who’s on call if your little one is sick? And WHEN exactly do you get any time to yourself? 

Peace + Riot, London’s first ad-hoc co-working with childcare solution, have collaborated with Discoco, the friendly face of online learning, to bring you a fun, informative, judgment-free and expert-fronted toolkit for parents. It’s not a parenting course (we don’t tell you what to do!), so much as a toolkit for parents who are managing the impact of this cataclysmic life shift as best they can. We might not have all the answers, but we can offer you a buggy-load of support, experience, tools  and, most of all, solidarity as you navigate this chaotic new world. Welcome to Planet Parent.